Growing Veterans: GoFarm Hawaiʻi

Advanced | GoFarm Hawaiʻi's 7-month training for commercial agriculture production combined with our veteran support services. Scholarships available!

🌱 About this Program

Do you think you might have it within you to do the hard work and learn the various aspects of farming? To meet the inevitable challenges with creativity and determination? Commit to Hawaii’s premier beginning farmer training program with the goal of becoming a successful farmer? If so, then we’re ready to help you!

Growing Veterans combines GoFarm Hawaiʻi’s advanced agricultural training for commercial production with Hoʻōla Farms essential health and human services to support veterans in their entrepreneurial ventures and personal lives.

GoFarm Hawaiʻi Growing Veterans AgXcel program is delivered over seven months, including an orientation phase (1 month) and intensive agricultural training phase (6 months). The format consists of classroom-style lectures (in-person and online), hands-on practical work days at the training farm, and field trips to operational farms.

Students complete theory and practical coursework related to the fundamentals of crop farming (i.e: soil fertility, irrigation, seeds, crop planning, food safety, nutrient management, taxonomy, plant anatomy, and pest management). Classroom sessions are supplemented by hands-on farm work and field demonstrations of techniques by instructors. Participants transition to applying knowledge and skills learned by growing produce for a CSA (community-based supported agriculture) program organized by GoFarm Hawaii. Participants are actively farming during this phase while also gaining technical skills related to business planning and management, marketing, product development, and portfolio development.

After graduation, participants can apply for business incubation support, and utilize shared land and resources provided by GFH to operate a commercial agribusiness. To support veterans in business incubator or operating independent businesses, GFH AgBusiness Services will provide business consulting and development technical assistance, including planning and analysis of financial and operational performance, processes and procedures, business and marketing plan development and execution, strategic planning and project management services to achieve client goals, and building an ongoing relationship that fosters continual improvement of operations.

***Scholarships are available for military veterans. Those who are interested or who would like additional information can email us at to learn more.

📅 Dates & How to Participate

GoFarm Hawaiʻi Cohort 9 is currently underway through October 2024. Recruitment for Cohort 10 will begin soon, start by signing up for the email list to be notified about the next AgCurious date here

🌱 Frequently Ask Question

📍 Location

Exact addresses, if not shown, will be provided later to registered participants.

⚠️ Safety Info

We conduct programs in accordance with federal, state, and local safety guidelines, including COVID protocols. Program participants please note the following:

  • Mask wearing and social distancing while in enclosed spaces is now optional, although we may reinstate COVID rules as needed.
  • Closed-toed shoes and sun protection should be worn in outdoor settings.
  • All on-site educational program participants must complete a liability waiver.

🙏🏽 Mahalo!

Funding for this program is made possible by USDA/NIFA Sec. 760 pf H.R. 244, Sec. 760 of Consolidated Approp. Act of 2017, Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Military Veterans (AGVETS)