Hilo Food Hub

Mahalo for visiting Hoʻōla Farms!

Agribusiness Incubator Kitchen

The Hilo Food Hub provides affordable commercial kitchen space for rent to Hawai’i farmers and value-added producers. We also offer cold, frozen and dry storage. If you want to start or expand your agriculture or food business, we are here to help.

We are a “Cold Kitchen,” which means we don’t have a hood vent, so there are no open flames or vaporized grease allowed. However, we do have convection ovens and induction cooktops. Fill out our application below if you would like to inquire about the using the kitchen!


Click below to fill out our application, this will give us your contact and business information so we can best support you. Please review our requirements and price packages, and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Hilo Food Hub is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, we do not accept walk-ins. If you would like to tour the facilities, please fill out the application or contact us to make an appointment. Mahalo!
  • Email: hilofoodhub@hoolafarms.org
  • Phone: 808-731-6055


  • Do I need a commercial kitchen?
  • HI Dept of Health Permit Information:
    • Special Event Permits – for farmers markets, catering, and other direct-to-consumer sales. Inspections not required, each permit is per location.
    • Food Establishment Permits – for all other Food Establishments, including food manufacturing, retail, wholesale, food trucks, restaurants, etc. Inspection required. 
    • If you are making value-added products and want to sell them in grocery stores or at Hawaiʻi Farm-to-Car market, you need a Food Establishment Permit