Intro to Grow: Module 1 – Organic Gardening

Find out everything you need to know about our Intro to Grow: Module 1 – Organic Gardening module by checking out the details below!

ℹ️ Module Overview

A one-day workshop on organic gardening on Big Island! Participants will have the opportunity to learn about basic organic gardening principles, and get their hands dirty working together at the GoFarm Hawai'i farm site.
📅 Date:  Not yet assigned.
✏️ Format:  In-Person | Exposure
🕑 Start Time:  Not yet assigned.
🕣 End Time:  Not yet assigned.

💻 Zoom or Online Meeting Info

If this module includes a virtual classroom session, the meeting link and other instructions will appear here.

📚 Description & Resources

  • Participants will meet at the GoFarm Hawai’i demo garden for an introduction to basic organic gardening concepts with Expert Tara Waller
    • Soil
    • Compost and Humus
    • Planting
    • Harvesting
  • The class will work together to assess the needs of the garden and collaborate on a project based on the identified needs.
  • We will review the Farm-to-car Market program.
  • The upcoming Groundwork to Grow workshop on Value-Added Production will be reviewed, and interested participants will be encouraged to apply.

📍 Location Details

Hoʻōla Farms Market Garden, GoFarm Hawaiʻi

Hilo, HI

The Hoʻōla Farms Market Garden includes two plots on the GoFarm Hawai’i Farm site just North of Hilo.

Crops grown here are sold at the Hawai’i Farm-to-Car Market.

🎓 Instructors

Anthony Florig

Intro & Groundwork to Grow Program Manager, Hoʻōla Farms

Anthony serves as Hoʻōla Farms’ Groundwork to Grow program manager and is also the founder and owner of Big Island Box.

💡 Experts

Tara Waller

General Program Manager, Hoʻōla Farms

Tara channels passion for sustainability and experience in design and event management into making our programs a success.

😷 Safety

Our programs are conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local safety guidelines, including COVID-19 protocols. Participants and site visitors are required to:

  • Observe social distancing whenever possible.
  • Bring a mask and wear it over your nose and mouth while in enclosed spaces.
  • Wear closed-toed shoes and bring sun protectioneducational programs only.
  • Complete a liability waivereducational programs only.