About Us

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About Hoʻōla Farms

Our nonprofit works with the community to strengthen our local food system by providing beginner farmer education, commercial kitchen access, and a convenient online farmers market, which increases consumer access to local, affordable, fresh food and value-added products.


Hoʻōla Veteran Services 501(c)(3), d.b.a. Hoʻōla Farms was established in 2015 to provide natural agriculture educational training and hands-on experiences for military Veterans and first responders, their families and caregivers, and the community in hopes of creating a more sustainable future and well-being for all.
We do this by providing a safe, welcoming environment where we combine everyday gardening and farm work with education, fellowship, and fun.

Our ʻOhana Story

Healing through gardening inspired Emily and John to start Hoʻōla Veteran Services 501(c)(3), d.b.a. Hoʻōla Farms in 2015. Their mission was to provide healing opportunities to other Veterans and family members navigating PTSD and related conditions.

Their journey started with the Victory Gardens for Veterans program, delivering free garden beds and plant starts to the homes of Veterans, caregivers, and family members. Not long after, Hoʻōla Farms was awarded the USDA Grant: (NIFA) Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Military Veterans (AGVETS) Grant, launching the Growing Veterans program.

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