9/11 Message from Co-Founder, John Emmons, U.S. ARMY

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9/11 Message from Co-Founder, John Emmons, U.S. ARMY

Remembering September 11th

Today marks the 22nd year since the United States was attacked by terrorists in a coordinated effort to weaken our people, our country and the very democracy in which we exist as free humans. Please take a moment today and remember those who were lost in the attacks. Take the time to find a name and their story to learn about the beauty of the life they lived as they breathed the free air here in the United States of America.

Living as a free people is something less than 60% of the world has the benefit of…my hope is that anyone reading this will find a great sense of gratitude for the opportunity so many brave humans created during the last 247 years of our nation’s nascent history. Today our democracy is torn and in need of repair. Our nation is facing a moral dilemma and in need of guidance. The challenges our nation faces today are not new ones and we will continue to be guided by the Constitution and the laws our four fathers created and our predecessors abided by.

Amongst us are great women and men who through courage and tenacity work to secure and defend our nation. Whether their work be at a national, state or community level the truth is that we need them all.

Interested in our programs? Hoʻōla Farms provides opportunities for military Veterans and their families, along with the community, to come together and work towards a positive goal for all—growing healthy food! We do this by providing a safe, welcoming environment where we combine everyday gardening and farm work with education, fellowship, and fun. See our programs here