HF2C Recipe: Green Beef Curry

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HF2C Recipe: Green Beef Curry

Green Beef Curry

Green Beef Curry using fresh Hawaiʻi Farm-to-Car Ingredients

This recipe is a twist on a favorite – Green Beef Curry. We made this using an instant pot so we could get tender beef chunks in a short amount of time. What makes this dish extra special? It’s all about those homegrown, local ingredients that infuse a burst of freshness.

Plus, this homemade curry paste uses aromatic ingredients like curry leaves, lemongrass, and ginger that will have your home smelling a-maz-ing.

-1 Pound Boneless Stew Beef by Hamakua Meat Processors
-2 Cups spinach (we used Amaranth spinach from Sweet Treats and Gifts)
-6 Cloves garlic
-5 Shallots
-½ Cup minced lemongrass – Kaiwiki Food Forest
-1 Serrano pepper – Triple Plaid Farm
-4 Inches chopped ginger – Sweet Treats and Gifts
-½ Cup curry leaves – Oliana Products
-½ Sliced white onion
-1 Tablespoon rice vinegar
-1 Tablespoon coconut oil
-¾ Cup beef broth
-1 Can coconut milk

-2 cups rice

-Food Processor
-Instant Pot


  1. Make the curry paste.
    Add the spinach, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, serrano pepper, ginger, and curry leaves into a food process. Add a few splashes of rice vinegar. Process until a thick green curry paste forms nice and uniformly
  2. Set Instant Pot to saute function and add the coconut oil. Give it one minute to heat up
  3. Add stew beef and sliced onions. Brown the beef on all sides
  4. Add curry paste and beef broth. Stir
  5. Add coconut milk
  6. Close the lid of your Instant Pot and set on manual pressure, high, for 45 minutes
  7. Once the time is up, set for a 15 minute NPR
  8. As you wait for the pressure to release, make your rice
  9. Remove the lid from the Instant Pot
  10. Serve curry over rice, and enjoy!


Watch a quick recipe video.

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