The Art of Beekeeping Workshop

Recap on our latest Groundwork to Grow: The Art of Beekeeping Workshop

The Art of Beekeeping Workshop

Susan from Bird & Bee Hawai’i explains the “art of beekeeping.”

Recap on our latest Groundwork to Grow: The Art of Beekeeping Workshop

This year Hoʻōla Farms started its newest program, Groundwork to Grow! Groundwork to Grow are multiple four-week exposure-based workshops throughout the year on various agribusiness topics. The program was created to support military veterans and community members interested in farming and ranching on Hawaiʻi Island by providing exposure, skill-based training, and a professional network aimed to help them succeed in agricultural careers.

The Art of Beekeeping workshop in collaboration with Bird and Bee Hawai’i was our second Groundwork to Grow 4-week course. Ten participants came together to learn about beekeeping from Susan Collins, engaging in hands-on beekeeping education at her Honoka’a farm for four Saturdays in April.

Each week Susan assigned readings from the First Lessons In Beekeeping by, Keith Delaplane along with helpful articles, videos and podcasts based on that week’s subject. On Saturday, when the students met in person, Susan would review the assignments, answer any questions, and teach a lesson through her PowerPoint slides. After the lesson, the students got to put on their bee jackets and see it all in action in the beehive!

Over the course of the 4-weeks the participants learned:

  • The Where, What , Who, When, and How of Bees
  • The Importance of Pollinators and the Honeybee for Hawaii’s Agriculture
  • Hive Inspection and Bee Intelligence Swarms and Splits
  • Hive Components
  • The Honey Harvest and Colony Management
  • Honey Bee Pests and Disease

Participants also attended four virtual meetings with other Special Guests, including:

Overall, it was a BEEutiful experience 😉

Learn more about the honeybee (Apis mellifera) and their crucial role as pollinators in the sustainability and diversification of Hawaii’s agriculture from the Big Island Beekeeping Association

Keep an eye out for our next Groundwork to Grow: The Art of Beekeeping in October 2022

Our next Groundwork to Grow four-week workshop will be on the topic of Greenhouses, scheduled for August of this year.

In order to participate in one of our four-week courses, you must attend one of our Intro to Grow one-day workshops. Our next one is scheduled for Saturday May 21st, and you can register on our website!