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Hawaiʻi Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Below is a comprehensive resource guide for Hawaiʻi farmers including local, state, and federal agencies and organizations, as well as a dedicated section for our military veterans, families and caregivers. We understand that navigating the full list of resources available can be a bit daunting, so Hoʻōla Farms is here to help—no farmer should have to go it alone! If you need assistance figuring out which programs or resources are right for you, please email us to schedule a time to talk story with one of our team members!

Hawaiʻi Agribusiness Guidebook

The Hawaiʻi Agribusiness Guidebook is a summary of important points and tips for farmers relating to the business (versus production) aspects of running an agribusiness. You might find that you need more information about a particular subject than is presented in this Guidebook—throughout each section we have listed additional references you can turn to.

Government Resources Guide

Before diving into the resources below, we recommend downloading the Government Resources Guide for Farmer Veterans, created for veterans who are or who are interested in becoming farmers or ranchers. This guide is designed to help veterans understand how to leverage the resources offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Department of Labor (DOL), and the Department of Agriculture (USDA). This guide describes federal government programs that directly support farmers.

Farm Answers Resource Website

Farm Answers is the USDA and National Institute for Food and Agriculture’s beginning farmer and rancher (BFRDP) clearinghouse, providing resources to help you get started farming, as well as tools to help more seasoned producers succeed. The Farm Answers library features over 5,500 curated materials, including apps, audio, online courses, presentations, videos, websites, and documents to help answer your farming and ranching questions!

Hawaiʻi Resources

ALTRES—Hawaii’s largest staffing company which has been supporting our island community for more than 50 years.

Hawaii Agricultural Labor Solutions—HR firm specializing in agricultural hiring; providing labor referrals, translations services, help with licensing and permits, etc.

National & Federal Resources