Caregiver & Keiki Resources

Mahalo for visiting Hoʻōla Farms!

Caregivers Growing Together

One of our main goals is to offer military and veteran caregivers and their families opportunities to heal, connect, learn, and thrive together. We do this by providing a variety of workshops, events and volunteer opportunities in gardening and agriculture, healthy mindful lifestyles, community service, resource, and, most recently, holistic wellness retreats.

Mindfulness Practices

During retreats, caregivers will spend time outside of the home/caregiving environment in the natural landscape at Ho`ōla Farms to engage in self-care and respite necessary for long-term health and wellness. Additionally, participants will build networks and peer support systems by connecting with fellow caregivers for strength and support.

Sisterhood Welcome

We provide caregivers a holistic Whole Health approach and share practices that build individual skills to help them thrive in their daily lives while forming a strong support network between participating caregivers. Activities include art therapy (vision boards), gratitude walks, and a craft session to make journals to take home.

It Takes a Village

Keiki are always welcome and encouraged to participate in our workshops and programs!

Our Can Do Keiki program invites kids ages 8-14 to learn simple skills, hands-on experiments and gardening practices to survive and thrive.

Are You a Caregiver?

Are you a caregiver? A 2014 RAND study found that there are 5.5 million military & veteran caregivers in the US, providing $14 billion in uncompensated, voluntary care for their loved ones across the United States.

Just getting started? Our friends at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, with support from the Veterans Administration put together the following Experience Map, shown below. Click on the image to zoom or click here to download a PDF copy.

Additional Caregiver & Keiki Resources